Moral damages: Compensation Amount for Wounded Feelings

Moral damages -

Moral damages include the “physical suffering, mental anguish, fright, serious anxiety, besmirched reputation, wounded feelings, moral shock, social humiliation, and similar injury.”[1]

While they cannot be specifically known as to the amount or compensation/recompense, moral damages may be recovered in a case once it is shown that they are the “proximate result” of the defendant’s wrongful act or omission.[2]

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Due Process Termination: Legal Way to Dismiss an Employee

Due process termination is the legal way to terminate an employee. Without due process, the employer will be liable for illegal dismissal, full backwages, reinstatement, separation pay if reinstatement is not feasible, moral and exemplary damages, nominal damages, and attorney’s fees. Illegal dismissal could result in a huge monetary award.