Sps. Felipe Solitarios and Julia Torda v. Sps. Gaston Jaque and Lilia Jaque

A purported contract of sale where the vendor remains in physical possession of the land, as lessee or otherwise, is an indicium of an equitable mortgage.

G.R. No. 199852, 12 November 2014
Plaintiffs Sps. Gaston Jaque and Lilia Jaque initiated a Complaint for Ownership and Recovery of Possession against Defendants Sps. Felipe Solitarios and Julia Torda.

Plaintiffs alleged that “they purchased Lot 4089 from the [defendants], spouses Solitarios in stages. According to [plaintiffs], they initially bought one-half of Lot No. 4089 for 7,000.00. Continue reading here.

MCMP Construction Corp. v. Monark Equipment Corp.

Excessive and unconscionable interests are void for being contrary to morals, if not against the law.

G.R. No. 201001, 10 November 2014

Plaintiff Monark Equipment Corp. initiated a Complaint for a Sum of Money against Defendant MCMP Construction Corp. after the latter failed to pay rental fees for the use of five (5) pieces of heavy equipment as stated in their Rental Equipment Contract. In the agreement, interest and penalties were stated as follows:

Continue reading here.