Procedure for Random Drug-Testing in the Workplace

Concept of random drug testing

A random drug test refers to “unannounced schedule of testing with each employee having an equal chance of being selected for testing.”[1]

This is further elaborated in the DOLE sample Drug-Free Workplace Policy and Program. It states therein that officers/employees “may be selected at random for drug testing at any interval determined by the Company.”[2]

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Labor Law Compliance System

The Department of Labor and Employment has formalized the rules on Labor Law Compliance System (LLCS) to assist establishments in complying with labor laws and social legislations. There are three modes in the LLCS: Joint Assessment, Compliance Visit, and Occupational Safety and Health Standards (OSHS) Investigation. With Joint Assessment, the employer may voluntarily have their establishment assessed by the DOLE for Labor Law Compliance. On the other hand, a Compliance Visit and OSHS investigation are initiated through a SENA referral, labor complaint, or report of violation.

Goodyear Philippines, Inc. et al, v. Marina L. Angus

“In the absence of an express or implied prohibition against it, collection of both retirement benefits and separation pay upon severance from employment is allowed. This is grounded on the social justice policy that doubts should always be resolved in favor of labor rights.”

G.R. No. 185449, 12 November 2014

Complainant Marina L. Angus filed a labor complaint against her previous employer Defendants Goodyear Philippines, Inc. and its Human Resource Director Remigio M. Ramos. Continue reading here.