Regulation of Repair and Service Firms

The following are the minimum requirements for accreditation for repair and service firms:

  1. the duly registered business name, firm name, or style of the firm;
  2. date of issue and effectivity of the certificate of accreditation;
  3. number and skills of technical personnel; and
  4. required license for the repair or servicing of any consumer product as required by special laws.[1]

No person is to operate a repair and service firm or act as technical personnel therein without first being accredited by the DTI.[2]


– – –

[1] R.A. 7394, Article 127.

[2] Ibid. Article 128.

Advertising and Sales Promotion

What constitutes advertising

Advertising is “the business of conceptualizing, presenting or making available to the public, through any form of mass media, fact, data or information about the attributes, features, quality or availability of consumer products, services or credit.” [1] Advertisement is “the prepared and through any form of mass medium, subsequently applied, disseminated or circulated advertising matter.”[2] Advertising agency or agent is “a service organization or enterprise creating, conducting, producing, implementing or giving counsel on promotional campaigns or programs through any medium for and in behalf of any advertiser.”[3]

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