Rent Control Act of 2009 (R.A. 9653) in the Philippines

Rent Control Act applies to residential units having a certain ceiling on rental payments.


Republic Act No. 9653 or the Rental Control Act of 2009 covers lease contracts over residential units. However, it has a limited coverage and does not entirely cover all leases of residential units.

The law applies to only to residential units in the National Capital Region and other highly urbanized cities which have a total monthly rent not exceeding P10,000.00, and residential units in all other areas which have a total  monthly rent of P5,000.00, in both cases the minimum is P1.00.

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Procedure for Random Drug-Testing in the Workplace

Concept of random drug testing

A random drug test refers to “unannounced schedule of testing with each employee having an equal chance of being selected for testing.”[1]

This is further elaborated in the DOLE sample Drug-Free Workplace Policy and Program. It states therein that officers/employees “may be selected at random for drug testing at any interval determined by the Company.”[2]

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How to Protect Your Family Business (Slideshare)

Family businesses make up for a majority of businesses in the Philippines. As a family in itself is prone to conflicts, these tend to escalate in business. This could cause the rift in family relations. Thus, the success of a family business depends on the unity and cooperation of every family member. With proper systems and policies in place, conflicts may be reduced and lessened.