La Suerte Cigar & Cigarette Factor v. Court of Appeals, Commissioner of Internal Revenue

Stemmed leaf tobacco is subject to the specific tax under Section 141(b).

G.R. Nos. 125346, 136328-29, 144942, 148605, 158197, 165499

Excise tax is “a tax on the production, sale, or consumption of a specific commodity in a country. Section 110 of the 1986 Tax Code explicitly provides that the ‘excise taxes on domestic products shall be paid by the manufacturer or producer before [the] removal [of those products] from the place of production.’ ‘It does not matter to what use the article[s] subject to tax is put; the excise taxes are still due, even though the articles are removed merely for storage in some other place and are not actually sold or consumed.’ Continue reading here.

Metro Manila Shopping Mecca Corp. v. Ms. Liberty M. Toledo

In an ongoing case, parties may enter into a compromise agreement which when approved by the court becomes a determination of a controversy and has the force and effect of a judgment.

G.R. No. 190818, 10 November 2014

Petitioners Metro Manila Shopping Mecca Corp., Shoemart, Inc., SM Prime Holdings, Inc., Star Appliances Center, Super Value, Inc., Ace Hardware Philippines, Inc., Health and Beauty, Inc., Jollimart Phils. Corp., and Surplus Marketing Corporation, sought “the approval of the terms and conditions of the parties’ Universal Compromise Agreement dated 1 June 2012 (the “UCA”) in lieu of the Court’s Decision dated 05 June 2013 denying the petitioners claim for tax refund/credit of their local business taxes paid to respondent City of Manila.” Continue reading here.